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Bijou Square asks: Where were you before you lived here?

Madeline: I grew up on Long Island, lived and worked in Manhattan for about 15 years.  I always felt I wanted to live somewhere in New England.  I next moved to New Jersey for about 12 years, then moved to Connecticut seven years ago.  I think I have arrived.

Bijou Square: What brought you here?

Madeline: Circumstances and a job.  I remember looking for a place to live in Fairfield County, and walking around in Bridgeport and saying to myself “This feels like home.”

Bijou Square: What do you do in Bridgeport?

Madeline: I have a website called Bridgeport In The Know ( I started the site in 2007 when I moved to Bridgeport and I just could not find things and places in our big city. The website has about 500 Bridgeport web links, to stores, restaurants, businesses, entertainment, everything.  It also has hundreds of great photos of Bridgeport, and a discussion forum for Bridgeport neighbors. I also have a blog on the CT Post called “Natural Nutmeg” about nature and the environment in Connecticut.

Bijou Square: What’s one spot you could be in Bridgeport all day and why?

Madeline: My home– enjoying the neighborhood, my beautiful view of Burr Creek and Captain’s Cove (and listening to the rockin’ band music coming across the water in summer), and gardening in my yard. Got to love those home-grown Park City veggies!

Bijou Square: What do you think we’re missing here?

Madeline: A sense of community beyond our own neighborhoods.  The city and the people are divided by highways and cultures. A feeling that Bridgeport with a capital “B” is worth our effort.

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  • Once Upon A Time

    This is a love story. Except it has no boy meets girl, no diamond rings, no sobbing at the end. Instead, it is about a devotion between a community and it's budding neighborhood. Our non-traditional bunch includes artists, musicians, eco-urban planners, lego-enthusiasts, gourmet chefs, librarians, and historians. To name a few. Realizing the potential in our surroundings, we are collaborating minds and skills to generate change. Replacing the negative undertone with positive energy. Bringing awareness to the fact that our city is a cultural hub. And, we intend to leave quite an impression on our small dot of the map. What we do is where we live. Where we live is Bridgeport. Won't you be our neighbor?